"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together"

Saaraa Premji

Owner • Lead Planner • Creative Director

As with many biographies on company owners, Saaraa Premji, the founder of Blush & Co., has an intriguing story of how she became interested in event planning.

Like many ambitious young people, Saaraa graduated high school and attended the University of Calgary. However, what Saaraa got her degree in might just surprise you, a BSc in Geology. If she wasn’t out on the soccer field training six times a week, she was studying rocks. Once Saaraa graduated in 2012, she landed a full-time job as a geologist at a top performing oil and gas company.

It wasn’t long before Saaraa was entrusted to handle large budgets and derive capital intensive projects while also helping plan large scale events within the company. As she learned more about the steps involved in planning events, the thought of becoming an event planner began to pique her interest. So much, in fact, that she made a bold move and decided to plan her own wedding this past summer!

This was no small feat. Not only did Saaraa have to put together a wedding ceremony and reception, she had to envision, coordinate and execute five different events over the course of one week. And while this typically would make a bride never want to hear the word “wedding” again, the experience did the opposite for Saaraa. Coming up with originative ideas, selecting venues, working alongside vendors---all of these things further solidified her passion for event planning. So much, in fact, that not only did Saaraa become a newlywed in 2018, she also became a certified wedding planner too.

Saaraa will be the first to admit that she is a stickler for details and is inspired by the demands that come with multi-tasking. But what makes her especially suitable for the event planning niche is that Saaraa knows firsthand about the pressures that come with being a bride and an event planner (simultaneously). Therefore, she is able to relate to engaged couples in a very unique and hands-on sort of way. Saaraa can offer the kind of emotional support that’s needed to get through the stressful moments leading up to the big day while also providing the kind of planning expertise that will result in a couple getting just what they desire.

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