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Anyone who’s grown up or spent a little bit of time in Calgary knows that it’s a wonderful place to fall in love. It’s the kind of cosmopolitan city that features beautiful parks, historic sites, great dining and, if winter is your favorite time of year, even outdoor ice skating under the stars.

It’s for these reasons (and so much more) that we at Blush & Co. decided to base our exclusive boutique event planning and design company right in the heart of the city.

What sets us apart from other event planning services? Honestly, our name speaks volumes to the beauty behind what we do. Blush is a color that is romantic yet modern; it’s soft yet impacting. It’s the kind of hue that is both warm and inviting. Blush & Co. strives to represent all of these things by creating the kind of events that offer a classic touch, along with a modern perspective. Dare we say it? The kinds of moments that will make you “blush” in the best ways possible.

Something else that makes our company truly unique is that we are the first in Calgary to specialize in contemporary South Asian and Fusion weddings. So, if you’ve always dreamed of hosting a pre-wedding event like a Sangeet, Maiyan, Puro, or Mehndi celebration; or perhaps you’re planning to blend two cultures or faiths together at your wedding--- we have the heart, creativity, commitment, connections and expertise to make it the kind of day that you---and your guests will truly never forget!

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