Experience your celebration as a guest

Imagine a wedding day defined by uninhibited anticipation and excitement. A day where you’re focused wholeheartedly on the magic of your union, on the familial warmth that surrounds you, on the rare brand of revelry in the air. A day where you’re completely at peace and confident in what’s to come. A day where a team of advocates, experts, and stewards attends to your every need and discreetly addresses surprises that arise without you or your guests ever knowing they existed.

More than expert wedding planning, more than discerning design, that feeling is what Blush & Co. is proud to offer. If it’s one you’re ready to secure for yourself, you belong here.


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Our wedding could not have been more difficult to plan.  She was able to execute our very complex vision to a degree that completely surpassed my expectations. Hiring Blush & Co was truly the best decision we made for our wedding and Saaraa is an absolute dream to work with.

– Sasha M